Floor tile purchase save money coup, help you choose a good floor tile cost-effectively

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-29

Tile is one of the main materials for home decoration, which is closely related to the decoration style and quality of all furniture. The ordering cost of floor tiles occupies a large part of the interior decoration expenditure. How can we save and reduce this part of the expenditure? Let's take a look at some cost-effective tips together.

The first trick: find a technical professional master, choose a suitable specification model, and draw a brick layout. Calculate the total number of floor tiles according to the map, plus the normal construction wear and tear.

The second trick: choose the type with lower requirements for matching the pattern and pattern design, so that the cut half (or decorative strip) can be used in other areas.

The third measure: adjust the floor plan and building facade design plan to prevent the need for laser cutting such as risers and small corners, which are very easy to damage the areas where floor tiles are consumed. Fourth trick: Proper use of body curves, wall tile parquet of other specifications and models, pavement circle border lines, vertical decorative lines, mirror glass on bathroom walls, etc., to prevent or reduce cutting bricks while having a variety of practical effects. The fifth trick: grasp the standard of a small piece of provincial bricks and a block of bricks for home decoration. Integrate the design effect, and effectively use the small size model. In general small bathrooms, the wall tiles should not exceed 300 up and down, and in general large living rooms, the floor tiles should not exceed 800 up and down.

The sixth measure: the assembly part of the kitchen integrated cabinet in the restaurant can choose the floor tiles of a relatively general level. Since this part is not displayed outside, its visual impact and product quality are not harmful to the overall effect of the home kitchen.

Seventh trick: living balcony walls and floor tiles can also be selected from more general products, and there is no need to specify their grades and styles. The bright surface of the wall tiles is conducive to cleaning, and the floor tiles only need to have an anti-slip effect on the ground, and the specifications and models are the same.

The eighth trick: select high-quality floor tiles and workers with high craftsmanship, and reduce unnecessary wear and tear during laser cutting in engineering construction. Although the price is slightly higher, it is comprehensively calculated, or it is economical.

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