Five ways to buy floor tiles for home decoration

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-22

1. The characteristics of floor tiles When purchasing floor tiles, the first thing to fully consider is the overall design style of interior decoration design, to clarify the general tone theme of floor tiles, and also to feel after the interior decoration of floor tiles, which is convenient to carry out with the overall design style of the house Harmony, such as modern minimalist style, glazed tiles, and polished tiles can be selected for modern style, vitrified tiles are similar to glazed tiles, but the production requirements are higher, and the specified press is stronger, which can suppress higher relative density, and At the same time, the temperature of manufacture is higher, which can achieve porcelain.

2. The specifications of the floor tiles In consideration of the specifications of the floor tiles, the following two aspects should be paid attention to First, the size of the large living room, do not blindly pursue the perfect large-sized floor tiles. There is such a kind of work experience, that 600*600 specifications are commonly used below 40 square meters, and 800*800 specifications are commonly used above 40 square meters. The second is to consider the specific total area that can be seen after the house is decorated and furnished. If the total visible area is not large, and the size of the bricks is very large, it will become incompatible. You have to pay attention to the same series of floor tiles. The larger the specification model, the higher the price.

3. The color of the floor tiles As far as the color of the tiles is concerned, the general light colors are the most suitable, such as milky white, light beige, monochrome, or a little texture. Choosing a single color can better show the elegance of the owner, but it takes a lot of money. Time and time to clean, because plain colors are not durable, they must be cleaned frequently. For customers who are busy at work and have little time at home, it is best to choose floor tiles with a little texture or particles.

4. Ceramic tile materials The floor tiles used in the living room design are mainly divided into two categories: polished tiles and polished glazed tiles. Most of the antique tiles with general aliases refer to as polished glazed tiles because they are wear-resistant, bright, and easy to clean. Some people also like to use antique tiles. The colors of antique tiles are rich and colorful, reflecting individuality, but the color tone is usually heavier, and cleaning is also a certain degree of difficulty. In the past two years, the rapid development of microcrystalline stone tiles has become a new category, which is widely used in the design of the living room.

5. Brand tiles and verification, In fact, the most important thing in purchasing floor tiles is the choice of well-known brands. If you choose a well-known brand, not only the quality of the products is guaranteed, but also the level of interior decoration services is guaranteed, which can effectively achieve your own goals. Provisions. Therefore, I need to remind everyone of the new space decoration,

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