Detailed introduction to the types of tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-03

The floor tiles on the market are divided into five categories. First, glazed tiles: Glazed tiles are tiles whose surface is solved by firing glaze. It can be divided into two types according to the raw materials:

1. Pottery glazed tile (commonly known as pottery glaze), which is made of pottery mud, and is characterized by dark red color on the reverse side. Higher water absorption and lower compressive strength.

2. Porcelain glazed tiles (commonly known as glazed surfaces), which are made of porcelain clay, are characterized by a grayish-white color on the reverse side. Lower water absorption and higher compressive strength. It should be noted that the water absorption mentioned above. Compared with the compressive strength, there are some ceramic glazed tiles at this stage whose moisture content and compressive strength are better than those of porcelain glazed tiles. In general, the price of pottery glaze is lower than that of glaze. Ceramic glaze is only used for wall decoration in toilets and restaurant kitchens. Glaze can be used for wall decoration and pavement decoration design.

Polished glazed tiles can be divided into the following two types according to the gloss of the glazed surface:

1. Bright polished glazed tiles, also known as mirror glass tiles. Suitable for producing 'clean' practical effects. Very easy to clean up. The neater the wall tile, the less slippery it is, and it will slip when there is dust or water. A notable example is that in windy temperatures, wall tiles are particularly slippery, due to dust.

2. Matt polished glazed tiles. It is suitable for producing the actual effect of 'fashion trend'.

Glazed tiles:

The whole body brick is made of porcelain clay, the surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same, so it is famous. Glazed tile is a kind of wear-resistant brick. Although there are also types of glazed tile with seepage pattern, relatively speaking, its pattern is not as good as that of glazed tile. Because the current interior decoration design is more and more inclined to the solid color design scheme, so the glazed tile has become more and more a fashion trend, and is widely used in the pavement of new interior decoration projects such as living rooms, corridors and outdoor aisles. Applied to the wall, most of the anti-skid floor tiles are glazed tiles.

Glazed tiles:

Polished tile is a kind of bright brick made by grinding the surface of glazed tile. Glazed tiles are a type of polished glazed tiles. Compared with the rough floor plan of polished glazed tiles, glazed tiles need to be much smoother. Glazed tiles are hard and wear-resistant, and are suitable for most interior space designs except bathrooms, restaurant kitchens and indoor air. On the basis of the use of infiltration technology, glazed tiles can perform various imitation stone bricks and imitation wood guardrails. The color cast is smaller than that of stone, and the hardness is also higher than that of stone. The manufacturing cost is high and the price is more expensive than that of stone.

Glazed tiles have a serious flaw: they get dirty easily. This is also caused by the convex and concave exhaust ports left by the glazed tiles when they are polished and polished. This exhaust port will hide dirt, so that the glazed tiles will be stained and discolored, and even some tea soup will be powerless when poured on the glazed tiles. Some people realize this, some manufacturers add a layer of anti-fouling layer to the glazed tiles when they leave the factory, but this layer of anti-fouling layer makes the glazed tiles lose the actual effect of glazed tiles. In the interior decoration industry, there is also the practice of adding car wax before work to prevent sticking.

Polished Tiles:

Vitrified tiles are actually full tiles. The surface is smooth but does not need to be polished, so there is no problem with polishing the exhaust port. Solved the problem that glazed tiles are easy to get dirty. Polished tile is a reinforced glazed tile that is fired using continuous high temperatures. The material is harder and more wear-resistant than glazed tiles. Undoubtedly, its price is also higher, and it is not suitable for home decoration. Therefore, ordinary people's house decoration generally chooses glazed tiles and glazed tiles.

Mosaic tiles:

It is a special form of brick, which generally consists of dozens of small bricks to form a corresponding large brick. It is widely used in small-scale walls in the room and small-scale walls or pavements outdoors because of its petite size and colorfulness. It is mainly divided into 1. Ceramic mosaic. It is the most traditional type of mosaic, famous for being petite and exquisite, but relatively simple and low-level.

Marble Mosaic:

It is a type of mosaic in the middle and late development trend, and it is diverse, but its corrosion resistance and moisture resistance are not very good, so the sales market performance is not very good.

Glass Mosaic:

The colorfulness of the laminated glass brings vitality to Mosaic, and the price is relatively expensive. The reporter saw in the Huanbohai home building materials market that a glass mosaic imported from abroad costs 960 yuan per square meter.

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