Detailed introduction of ceramic tile classification

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-04

Floor tiles are usually divided into glazed tiles and full-body tiles according to different processing techniques.

Glazed tiles:

It is made of porcelain clay which is fired at high temperature and fired for a second time. The surface of the product is colorful, bright and translucent.

Polished glazed tiles (also known as polished tiles, glazed tiles, etc.):

It is made by restraining the rock slag with high pressure. After the surface is polished and polished, the hardness can be compared with that of the stone, and the water absorption is lower. The types of common tiles generally include mosaics, continuous high temperature tiles, and over-bottom tiles.

1. The volume of mosaic mosaics is the smallest among various floor tiles, usually aliased as bricks. Generally, it is only used for laying restaurant kitchens, shower rooms, etc. in household furniture. Because of its exquisite total area, it is not easy to fall over when it is laid on a wooden floor, and it is especially suitable for muddy natural environments.

2. Continuous high temperature bricks are floor tiles made of ultra-high pressure and high temperature, which have more wear resistance than the floor tiles generally used for paving. Generally, the appearance of continuous high temperature bricks is very smooth, but the wall bricks of good quality, through special solutions, are not easy to fall on even if they see water.

3. Most of the floor tiles over the bottom are composed of colored glaze and brick panels. If the material is not good or damaged for a long time, the glaze on the surface will be scratched or dropped, and the bottom brick panel will be exposed, which cannot be repaired. Over-the-bottom bricks fill this defect. This type of brick is made of the same material as a whole, without distinguishing the bottom layer and the surface. Even if it is scratched and damaged, it will not expose the raw materials of another color, which is harmful to the appearance. ; And this type of brick has a very strong anti-wear ability, which is suitable for use in sites with high walking moments.

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