Detailed description of microcrystalline ceramic tile expertise

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-22

Microcrystalline stone tile wood veneer is a high-end fashionable building material, all made of natural stone. It is colorful, beautiful and elegant, and its beauty is invincible. It is an upgraded product of natural marble and porcelain wall tiles. It has the unique and high-quality characteristics of anti-wear, high strength, no fading, very easy to maintain and no radioactive pollution. The release and sales market has become the new darling of the new generation of building decoration materials such as the back of the wooden floor wall, kitchen equipment cabinet countertops, washbasin control panels and so on. Then, let's analyze the professional knowledge of microcrystalline stone tiles for everyone, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Microcrystalline tile advantages:

1. The layered temperature and meticulous microcrystalline ceramic tile is a raw material that is sintered and crystallized at a high temperature similar to the production standard of granite. In terms of appearance and layering, the surface smoothness of its grinding and polishing plate is much higher than that of stone, and the brightness can reach 90-120 smoothness. The more important feature is that its unique nano-crystal structure makes the light source shining from all angles. In addition, through the diffuse reflection of the fine nano-crystalline particles, the light source can be evenly distributed to all viewing angles, so that the furniture board has a mild jade layering, which is crystal clear and lustrous than natural marble, making the engineering building more colorful. Microcrystalline stone tile living room decoration design

2. Using the processing technology of microcrystalline stone tiles in the field, a variety of color series products can be produced according to the application requirements, especially the four colors of amethyst white, beige, light gray, and white linen are more fashionable and trendy; At the same time, it can fill the shortcomings of natural marble color cast. The products are generally suitable for interior and exterior decoration design of hotels, office buildings, subway stations, airports, etc., and are more suitable for high-end interior decoration at home, such as walls, pavements, and decorative panels. Furniture. Washbasin control panel, etc.

3. Aging resistance High-quality microcrystalline stone tiles are used as inorganic crystalline raw materials with stable organic chemical properties, and also include the structure of laminated glass cultivation substrates. Its pH and corrosion resistance properties are higher than those of natural marble, especially aging resistance. It is more prominent, and it will not fade under long-term wind and sunlight, and it is not easy to reduce the compressive strength.

4. The water absorption of microcrystalline stone tiles is very low, almost zero, and there are a variety of dirty slurries. The coloring aqueous solution is not easy to infiltrate, and the waste that depends on the surface layer is also easy to eliminate and wipe clean, especially It is convenient for cleaning and maintenance of buildings.

Microcrystalline tile defects:

1. The compressive strength is low. The hardness of the crystal jade layer on the surface of the microcrystalline stone tile is 5-6, and the compressive strength is lower than the hardness of the glazed tile, which is 6-7.

2. The scratches are obvious. The surface smoothness of the microcrystalline stone tile is high and can reach 90%. If there are scratches, it will be very easy to show. 3. It is very easy to be dirty. There are a certain number of pinholes on the surface of the microcrystalline stone tile, which is very easy to show when it encounters unclean things.

How to buy microcrystalline tiles?

1. If the craftsmanship is inferior to the microcrystalline tiles, the image will look blurry. Good-quality microcrystalline stone tiles have fluid textures. Of course, gradient lines, and gentle layering. Smooth stone surfaces are well organized.

2. Community owners have to widen their eyes and first need to see. Good microcrystalline tiles are translucent and luminous under the reflection of natural light in the interior, and the sensitivity is particularly good; it also needs to look at the chromaticity. The brightness of microcrystalline stone tiles can be compared with bathroom mirrors, which can be almost a hundred degrees, which needs to be much higher than the chroma of glazed tiles.

3. Determine the interior decoration style and then choose the microcrystalline stone tile. First, you must determine your favorite interior decoration style, and then master the color, texture and application type of the microcrystalline stone tile, and find the best fusion between the two. . The core of this question is not what kind of pavement to use, but how to match various raw materials. After the design style is clearly defined, it is not easy to get confused when choosing bricks.

4. The surface of the microcrystalline stone tile has a high smoothness and a certain number of pinholes. If there are scratches or unclean things, it will be very easy to show, and it is not suitable for large-scale paving. Therefore, microcrystalline stone tiles are suitable for the interior decoration of face wash cabinet countertops, kitchen countertops, office tops, window sills and dining tables.

Where to buy microcrystalline tiles is more cost-effective?

1. Shopping mall floor tiles Most people think that the price of floor tiles in shopping malls is much more cost-effective than in the building materials market. Is that true? Not enough. Let's take a look at the home furnishing and building materials mall. The floor tiles here are really cheap. There are some specials and even less than the sales market protection price of well-known brands. The cost of premium and premium products are quite different. And because the sales profit of the mall is low, the new style of floor tiles is usually not available in the mall.

2. Building materials market floor tiles purchase Let's take a look at the building materials market together. The price of floor tiles is really shocking. Try your original method - bargaining. There are many distributors of the same well-known brand, and more sales markets can be improved. In terms of the protection price in the sales market, if you focus on this, you can even reach the protection price below. It is proposed to select patterns in the building materials market, record the cost price in the shopping mall, and then return to the building materials market to negotiate the transaction volume. Have work experience. Relatives and friends (not black public relations) or those who have a lot of money can go to the centralized porcelain center, that is, the general dealer to buy it independently. Of course, if there are good friends running the business in the tile factory, then it is better, there is no doubt that you can get the best and cheapest price.

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