Customers are strictly guarded against the four traps that are prone to occur when purchasing floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-18

In-home decoration, the first major interior decoration material to be ordered is floor tiles. For users, they are often attracted by their price and style when purchasing floor tiles, but they do not know that there are many invisible traps in the purchase of floor tiles: when counterfeit and shoddy customers choose floor tiles, they usually notice the appearance of the tiles. The level is marked on the box, but very few people will understand that this level also has article content to do.

Nowadays, the division of ceramic tile manufacturers is not standard. Some manufacturers have first-class products that are high-quality products. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, it is best to understand the classification of commodity brand manufacturers. But usually, high-quality products are better, first-class products and second-class products are second. There are some unsatisfactory stores that will sell first-class and second-class fake high-quality products, and the market price is of course much higher. Therefore, customers should be very careful not to be deceived. In the sales market, well-known brand floor tiles lead the fashion trend in both patterns and styles, attracting the attention of many customers.

Therefore, some stores use the customer's psychological state of pursuing perfect well-known brands to make some floor tiles that imitate well-known brands, but the market price is only half or one-third of the well-known brands. It is a kind of counterfeit product, but it cannot get the service items and quality assurance of well-known brands. Looking for opportunities and stealing replacements Although customers are optimistic about the brand products in the store, they did not expect that some unsatisfactory stores have adopted the personal behavior of outsourcing, and when they are delivered to customers' homes, they are other brand tiles of the same pattern and style.

If the customer has doubts, the goods will be returned, and if the customer does not see the loophole, they will take the opportunity to obtain the price difference. Incorrect Prices In some floor tile stores, not all products are priced. Poor sellers usually only mark one of the lower-priced products, and when customers ask about other products, they take the opportunity to drive up prices, allowing users to silently fall into the price trap of the seller's design. If you want to know more about tile knowledge, you can pay attention.

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