Classification of engineering building floor tiles and interior decoration tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-01

Engineering building ceramic floor tiles can be divided into four types according to types: porcelain wall tiles, decorative panel tiles, engineering building glazed products, and pottery pipes.

1. Porcelain wall tiles refer to metal sheets produced from clay and other inorganic raw materials to cover walls and pavements. It is usually formed by extrusion or other forming methods at room temperature, then dried and fired at a certain temperature necessary to achieve the function.

2. Veneer tile, also known as European-style tile, refers to a ceramic tile made of clay as the main raw material, mixed, formed, and fired. It is used to decorate the flat roof of a building or as a building structure.

3. Engineering and architectural glazed products refer to ceramics with strong gloss and color glaze designed for house building construction and plastic art decoration.

4. Ceramic pipe refers to the common ceramic pipes and spare parts used for drainage of wastewater, sewage, precipitation, irrigation of tap water or drainage of acid and alkali, alkaline sewage, and other corrosive substances. Building decoration ceramic floor tiles are divided into the following categories: glazed tiles, which refer to tiles with glazed surfaces on the surface of the tiles. These bricks are divided into two categories: one is made with clay, and the other is fired with china clay. At this stage, about 80% of consumers in home decoration choose this brick as a pavement building decoration material. Glazed tile, which is also an unglazed porcelain tile, has good anti-slip and wear resistance.

Generally speaking, most anti-skid floor tiles are glazed tiles. Glazed tiles and polished glazed tiles become glazed tiles after grinding, these tiles have high strength and are very wear-resistant. Polished tiles, which are also ceramic tiles fired at continuously high temperatures, are the hardest of all floor tiles. Sometimes when glazed tiles get scratched, polished tiles are still fine. Mosaic has many specifications and models, thin and small, hard and solid material, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no leakage, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break, colorful and various, and its main uses are common.

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