Classification knowledge of tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-28

The types of bricks can be divided into glazed bricks, whole body bricks, polished bricks, vitrified bricks, and mosaics according to their production process and characteristics. Of course, ceramic tiles with different characteristics have their own best uses. If you have enough knowledge about ceramic tiles, you can make the best use of them when decorating your room. Therefore, in the decoration project, when you want to buy ceramic tiles, it is still more important to first understand the classification knowledge of ceramic tiles. China Ceramic Tiles Network will share the knowledge of the classification of ceramic tiles with you here, hoping to help you need to buy ceramic tiles. friend.

1. Tiles are divided by function

For floor tiles, wall tiles and waistline tiles, etc. Floor tiles: According to the color, it is divided into imitation Spanish tiles, vitrified polished tiles, glazed tiles, non-slip tiles, and seepage polished tiles. Wall tiles: According to the color, it can be divided into vitrified wall tiles and printed wall tiles. Waistline bricks: mostly printed bricks. In order to match the specifications of wall tiles, waistline tiles are generally set as 60mm × 200mm.

2. Tiles are divided by process

Glazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and ceramic mosaic tiles. Glazed brick: refers to the brick with a glaze layer on the surface of the brick. This kind of brick is divided into two categories: one is fired with clay; the other is fired with clay. At present, about 80% of the buyers of home decoration choose this brick as the floor decoration material.

Whole-body tile: This is an unglazed porcelain tile with good slip resistance and wears resistance. Most of the so-called 'slip-resistant floor tiles' are full-body tiles. Because of the moderate price of this brick, it is very popular among consumers.

Polished bricks: The whole body bricks become polished bricks after being polished. These kinds of bricks have high hardness and are very wear-resistant.

Vitrified tile: This is a high-temperature fired porcelain tile, which is the hardest of all ceramic tiles. Sometimes when the polished tiles are scratched, the vitrified tiles are still intact.

Ceramic mosaic tile: Also known as mosaic, it has many specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, impermeability, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break, various colors, and a wide range of uses.

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