Choose tiles in four steps to avoid three major misunderstandings

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-02

Tile is an important building material for home decoration. Tiles are used for floor tiles and wall tiles for walls. When purchasing, you must make a wise choice according to the situation. The following experts will tell you some tips for purchasing tiles, and Common mistakes everyone makes.

Distinguish the types of tiles:

The classification of tiles should be clarified. Only by knowing the types of tiles can we not be fooled when choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are generally divided into two categories in terms of appearance, namely glazed tiles and non-glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, while non-glazed tiles are mainly used in areas such as living rooms.

Professional perspective is divided according to the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles, there are five categories: the first category is porcelain tiles (water absorption rate E≤0.5%), and the market mainly includes polished tiles, industrial tiles, and glazed matt floor tiles, etc. The second category is stoneware tiles (0.5% 10%), there are two kinds of interior wall tiles and glazed high-brightness non-slip floor tiles on the market.

Select suitable material:

In kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, and other areas, most of floor tiles use matt non-slip tiles to prevent the soup from making the ground slippery, so the choice of non-slip floor tiles is the first priority. At present, the more common specifications are 100×100, 800×8000, and 600×600. The living room, aisle, and outdoor aisle are generally selected with a size of 600×600 or more, and the material selection surface is relatively wide, which is mainly determined according to the economic affordability of consumers.

Professionals advise consumers that it is best to choose tiles with better materials, because tile decoration is different from wood floor decoration, and it is very troublesome to re-decorate tiles. It is best to decorate in place at one time.

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