Can the living room and balcony tiles be the same?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-11

When decorating, we need to choose different decoration materials according to different areas, such as tiles. Even if the living room of many houses is connected to the balcony, we still recommend that it depends on the situation when installing tiles. The living room and balcony tiles cannot be the same, because the living room and the balcony are two different functional areas, and their requirements for tiles are different. Whether it is the size requirements, the color requirements, or the water absorption requirements, the two are different. If the same tiles are forcibly used, there will always be an area in the balcony and living room where tiles are not applicable.

How to choose balcony tiles?

1. Whole body bricks are special bricks for balconies. The surface is not glazed and the material and color of the front and back are the same. The wear resistance and slip resistance are the best among ceramic tiles. However, the styles and color patterns of the whole body bricks are relatively simple, and they are more suitable for use in simple spaces.

2. Glazed tiles are different from whole-body tiles. The surface has been glazed and has rich colors and patterns. The anti-slip, wear-resistant, and anti-fouling effects are also good. According to the different luster, it can be divided into matte and bright. The bright glazed tile is suitable for installation in the space with water such as a balcony or kitchen.

3. Polished tiles are an upgraded version of full-body tiles. After the full-body tiles are polished and polished, the luminosity and brightness are higher than the original ones, and the hardness and wear resistance is also very good. The polished tiles treated by infiltration technology can also have All kinds of imitation stones. The texture effect of imitation wood is more beautiful.

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