Buy high-quality floor tiles, pay special attention to this key point

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-27

There are many kinds of floor tiles in the sales market, and there are endless promotions. Customers often pick up on them. What should we do? I will share the key points for special attention when purchasing floor tiles, and I look forward to helping you all.

1. The specification depends on whether the size is the norm. You can use a caliper with a watch to measure the diagonal accurately. The irregular floor tiles will not have parallel lines when they are laid, which will not look good.

2. It seems that the human eye can directly observe and see that the side of the product is flat so that the product is small in shape, the construction is convenient, and the wall tiles after paving are flat and beautiful. Fourth, look at the pattern design, the pattern design should be meticulous and realistic, and there is no obvious lack of color, disconnection, displacement and other shortcomings.

3. Water absorption The lower the water absorption rate, the higher the essential reliability of the floor tile, and the more suitable it is for indoor spaces with high humidity or moisture in the body, and it is not easy to have black spots and other problems. Put the water droplets on the opposite side of the wall tiles, and the floor tiles that infiltrate slowly after the water is dispersed have high density and are regarded as the best products.

4. The glazed layer can be scraped with a hard object on the glazed layer of the floor tile. If there are imprints, it indicates that the quality is poor. Take a look at the color tone of the floor tiles and see if there are pinholes with the naked eye. Pinholes are very easy to deposit waste.

5. The relative density and strength can be percussion, and the crisp sound indicates that the relative density and strength of the ceramic tile are high and the quality is good. Gently tap the floor tile with your expert hand. If the tile emits a popping sound, it means that its calcination degree is insufficient and the material is inferior. If there is a slight dong dong dong sound, its material is relatively firmer than the previous one.

6. The side of the flatness is vertical, it is very easy to lay down, and the actual effect is also good. Take out four random floor tiles from the packaging wooden box and place them on a flat floor to check whether the four tiles are flat and consistent and whether the areas at the top corners of the floor tiles are inlaid.

7. The outer packaging should first see if there is a company name, place of production and trademark logo, in case of purchasing three non-products. Next, look at the product quality level and the size of water absorption. Generally speaking, products with lower water absorption have higher compressive strength and relatively good cold resistance. If customers buy ceramic floor tiles mainly for paving or outdoor walls, they need to buy products with lower water absorption, such as porcelain tiles or stoneware tiles.

8. The quality first depends on whether the pattern is beautiful and comfortable, which is in line with its own aesthetic interest. Second, the distance from the test product is 1 meter long. Under certain irradiation conditions, the surface defects such as moon glaze, cracks, smoke, dirt, glaze bubbles, stains, bumps, etc., are 3 away from the test product. Meter length, observe whether there is any color difference on the surface of the product, so as to roughly grasp the smoothness of the product. Gently tap the test product with a good hand or a hammer. If there is an echo-like metal material, it means that the product has a good structure. If there is a mute sound, it means that the product may have structural defects.

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