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by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-20

The selection of floor tiles is very important. It is necessary to understand that once the floor tiles are laid, if there is any problem, the adverse effects are very serious! The following aspects are listed below, which must be clarified before decoration. This kind of problem is usually selected after the selection of ceramic tile types, specifications, prices, and even the overall design style of home furniture. This question seems like a fool to ask, but this is the most important thing. First of all, you have to fully grasp what kind of indoor space is suitable for which floor tiles!

In fact, the core of this problem is not what kind of pavement to use, but how to match various raw materials. For example, some community owners expect to lay tiles in the large living room, and at the same time choose furniture and wooden floors in the bedroom, so the problem is caused: if the large living room is generally polished with polished tiles, and the bedroom is laid with laminate flooring, then the bedroom and the large living room will be There is a relative height difference of 3cm before and after, which is mainly caused by the lack of the main keel under the laminate floor. So is it enough to choose pure solid wood floors in the bedroom? Naturally not.

Usually, the pure solid wood floor is assembled by the manufacturer and the main keel will be used. If it is leveled with the floor tile of the hall, it is best to use the main keel of the 4cm specification model. However, each flooring company has terms of service for the replacement of the main keel but not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to fully communicate with customers. After all, the purpose of everyone is to make the owners of the community satisfied, master the most important regulations of the owners of the community, and then find the best plan according to the initial ideas of the customers.

If the owner of the community expects to choose the method of paving the wooden floor and the floor tile concrete structure, it must be planned well to prevent many unnecessary inconveniences. The following two basic matching methods are introduced in detail: floor tiles and laminate floors = the house with the wooden floor is raised by 3cm with concrete mortar, and the floor tiles are pure solid wood floors = the main keel of 5 and 4cm specifications is selected under the wooden floor.

What type of floor tile to choose?

Is it 600? 800? Or 1000 or other specifications? This is a question! Today's floor tiles, especially in large living rooms, are mainly 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm (ie 1 meter) other specifications models, in which the two most used are 600mm and 800mm. So how to choose? It is recommended to choose according to the range of paving and the placement of furniture. Because the total number of 600mm bricks in the company's total area is more than the total number of 800mm bricks, so the visual effect can cause a sense of expansion of the indoor space. When the space is large, the bricks of 800 or even 1 meter in size will look airy. Therefore, it is recommended to choose floor tiles of 600mm specifications for indoor spaces less than 40 square meters; and floor tiles of 800mm or one meter for spaces exceeding 40 square meters. Special attention is that if there is too much furniture in the bedroom (such as the bedroom), when covering the blocky road, it is best to use 600mm floor tiles.

What kind of bricks should I lay? What kind of bricks should I choose?

Are they antique tiles or glazed tiles? Antique tiles are of course, soft, and have the unparalleled advantages of polished tiles in retro style, especially on floor tile parquet. At the same time, due to the maintenance of the surface glaze, the anti-fouling ability for tea soup, black ink, and even hot cigarette butts is also higher than that of polished tiles. But polished tiles are not without merit. With the development trend of new technologies, the compaction and smoothness of the vitrified layer on the surface of polished tiles are now very high, which can not only make the house look brighter, but also will never be like polished glazed tiles due to the impact of external forces. A condition in which the glaze layer is damaged by friction. Therefore, which brick to choose should be based on the design style you need to reflect, glazed tiles should be bright and airy, and antique tiles should be natural and warm. It is recommended to choose polished tiles for residential interior spaces and large living rooms if the light is relatively limited, while for large living rooms with abundant light sources, restaurants, kitchens, and shower pavements that require non-slip floors, and terraces, antique tiles or other glazed tiles can be used.

What do nano microcrystalline jade, microcrystalline stone tile, and nano microcrystalline diamond mean?

Perhaps the biggest headache for many people visiting the building materials market is recording the name of the floor tile. Which nano-microcrystalline jade, microcrystalline stone tiles, nano-microcrystalline diamonds, super-dazzling stones, polycrystalline jade, etc. In fact, we don't need to remember this kind of twisted name at all. They all describe the same item - polished tiles. This name is only used by manufacturers to better distinguish the level of goods and further optimize the sales market. number only. When choosing, you only need to stick to your own cost budget and choose the products that suit you as much as possible. The surface layer of microcrystalline stone tiles is very dazzling, but its strength is only about 5 degrees, and it is not resistant to wear and tear. It is not suitable for use on the road surface.

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