Are you still sticking solid color floor tiles in the bathroom?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-19

In order to solve the simplicity in the way and color of the bathroom, the selection of wall tiles and tiles is very important. Laying tiles is undoubtedly a good method. Let's take a look at the actual effect of matching tiles in the bathroom. Whether it is part of the pavement for decoration, or paving a whole wall or a few paving, it is very good.

1. The walls and pavements are all tiled. The walls and pavements are paved with tiles at the same time. They complement each other and complement each other. You can choose all the tiles, and you can also lay them in the designated area, such as the pavement of the toilet or the wall behind. .

2. If the wall tiles are just wall tiles, it is usually a certain wall in the bathroom for paving, such as the wall behind the toilet, the wall of the washbasin or the wall of the shower, etc. This can be caused by Choose your own time.

3. There is also a kind of pavement tiles, which is to lay tiles on the pavement of the bathroom to construct a retro fashion with the head down, and the visual impact of the fashion trend when the head is raised, and the mood of the interior space is suddenly improved.

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