6 tile paving experiences that money can't buy

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-20

Bright highlights for emphasis

The bright blue-green color gives people a refreshing and pleasant feeling. If you carefully observe the details of the tiles, it turns out that the special brush strokes in calligraphy are simulated as patterns for design, which makes the expression of colors more natural and the overall style is lively and modern.

Cool and warm contrast dry and wet zone

Through the contrast between the cold and warm colors of the tiles, the two colors of dark black and dark red are used to divide the dry and wet areas of the bathroom space, which well shapes the personality of the space. Individuals can choose different colors to match their own interests.

Color contrast distinguishes wall and floor

Bathroom walls and floors are paved with tiles with exactly the same pattern, but the walls use pink with a higher chromaticity, while the ground has a lower brown chromaticity. In addition to considering that more dirt-resistant materials should be used for the ground, this approach of the same material, the same pattern, and different shades is also very convenient, which is varied but not too fancy.

The Black and white contrast is unique

Classic black and white, the color of the upper and lower parts of the wall are separated, simple, and avant-garde, the ground rotation also chooses black, which is integrated with the lower half of the wall, the cool design full of inspiration brings people into black and white imagination Space, suitable for larger bathroom space.

Vertical and horizontal contrast in an orderly manner

Rectangular tiles of the same size and shape can be laid out in two different ways. The walls are arranged horizontally, the partition walls are arranged vertically, and are partitioned by color to effectively separate the bathroom space. The bathroom mirror also chooses to hang vertically, parallel to the partition wall, in order.

Modern fashion casual and attractive

Orange, brown, blue, and milky white in the light color system brings a sense of coolness and tranquility to the heart and are suitable for bathroom spaces of various sizes. Wall tiles are arranged in a way similar to mosaic paving, which is modern and fashionable, and will never be the same.

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