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3The third anniversary of muzzi [witness growth and make progress hand in hand]

3The third anniversary of muzzi [witness growth and make progress hand in hand]


In 2016, the initial team composition, although there were only three people at the beginning, did not affect our dream pursuit; under the leadership of founder Zhang Wanyun win Dy, we continued to develop and grow.

The origin of Mu porcelain

A group of like-minded people who love ceramic tiles are engaged in the cause of ceramic tiles together. Soon we determine the brand and product positioning. Purple represents unique and self demanding.After three years of experience, we can not speak long for three years, but for a thousand newborn babies, we can learn to speak, eat, walk and even run in three years. This is like a burglar. In the past three years, Muqiao has been developing and expanding from a small exhibition hall to a large exhibition hall with a total area of more than 2000 square meters.

From the initial 3 people, to the team size of more than 20 people now

The products are expanded to 26 Series and constantly bring forth new ideas
Sales network from Foshan to more than 100 cities at home and abroad; sales volume has maintained rapid growth for three consecutive years

At the same time, we actively participate in various design competitions, various exhibitions and exhibitions, constantly refresh everyone's understanding of the brand and products of Mu porcelain, which has won recognition and honor in the industry, and won the favor of more and more consumers.MAINTITLE

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